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You will find links to classroom presentations and other activities that we may have done.

Classroom presentations

DNA manipulation SAC getting ready lesson
biol 4 gel electro prac info.ppt


student sol to 2008 evol SAC.ppt
origins and evolution of life.ppt (types of evolution)
evidence for evolution.ppt

Population genetics intro lesson
biol 4 pop genetics intro 2009.ppt

Environmental influence on phenotype lesson (includes pedigrees)
biol 4 pedigrees.ppt

Mutations lesson
DNA mutations.ppt

Gene expression lesson
Complete the homework task (see last page of the gene expression ppt).
Go to the glossary and add terminology to the table that relates to concepts we have covered so far. There would be at least 40 relevant terms so far.
Below are two presentations one from class, the other an extra one for your benefit.
gene expression 09.ppt
protein synthesis.ppt

DNA lesson
DNA stucture.ppt

Classroom activities

DNA replication, gene expression and meiosis