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You will find links to various types of activities here, some of which will require you to all collaborate together to improve your understanding.

Holiday work

biol 3 biomolecules table activity.ppt
biol 3 biomolecules tables student.doc

Summary notes (the secret questions)

Enzymes and DNA

At various stages throughout the course I will get you to reflect on things. It could relate to a particular H/W task, class activity, the way I teach or a piece of assessment.
In general your reflection should describe what you did well and areas that you feel might be weaknesses. Things you are confident about, things that are of concern. Areas of the course you are enjoying, areas that you feel are boring you or you are not enthused about.

biomolecules table

Work together to create an accurate and meaningful list of all the important terms and phrases.

Area of study 1
Area of study 2

Question grids
Work together to summarise an area through creating and answering questions.

biol 3 question grid

Student created tests

Tests on AOS 1 and part of AOS2