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You will find links to classroom presentations and other activities that we may have done.

headstart program
Friday 20th March lesson
biol 3 term break work and biol 3 term break record of work

Class presentations

loose ends lesson
biol 3 loose ends 09.ppt

Questions created by you on the immune response click here.
Or download the file.student questions on the immune response.doc

cell-mediated response lesson presentation, animations and bingo quiz
humoral response lesson presentations, animation and homework

non-specific immunity lesson

Experimental design-energy use and lifespan
rate of living exp design.ppt
cell respiration.ppt

quiz feedback
Plant response quiz results: the new software didn't save the results as I would have liked. You will find your overall result but not which questions you got right/wrong. I assume you will remember what response you chose for a question so you will be able to compare that to the answer. It is important that you go through the questions as these were quite challenging.

My apologies question 10 had a mistake in it.
biol 3 biomolecules membranes test.doc

Class activities

Pathogens question grid
biol 3 pathogens qgrid.ppt

Pathogens table files below from the holiday session.
pathogenic agents table.doc and pathogen information.ppt

Voj, is it possible to upload answers to the pathogen table, as i have an issue with 2 pieces... :)?
You will find an answers file in the solutions section. VM

there are 2 mistakes in the table.
1 - there are 2 pieces that say "killing the pathorgen usually means killing the host cell", there should only be ONE piece that fits into the Characteristics of infection/treatment --> VIRUSES, the other you should throw away.
2 - there is only 1 piece that says "have complex life-cycles that involve primary and intermediate hosts", there should be TWO that fit into the Characteristics of Infection/treatment in both --> PROTISTS & WORMS.

Thx, well picked up SS, it seems that my cutting and pasting is not up to scratch, or perhaps I meant it on purpose to see if you are on top of things. I have copied your comments in the solution section for others to see. VM

Post your work from the plant response lesson here

Slomations on enzymes/photosynthesis and respiration.
You all did a fantastic job to get these done in an hour. There will be things you have missed out on but the important thing is that you will hopefully have reinforced your understanding or clarified any uncertainties.

Homeostasis summary handouts that were given in class
signalling molecules activity 2009.ppt