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You will find an outline of the course here, as well as a timeline for when SACs will take place.

Proposed Unit 3 SAC timeline

Note that I have put down Sundays to hold SACs. We can discuss this when we get back but I do want you to keep these dates in mind and check to see if there is something that you already have on. You will find that we will need to run Sunday sessions to simply get through the course. I have already gone through the calender and we will lose a minimum of 4 double lessons during first semester. So, please give this some serious thought. Having SACs on a Sunday will ensure that you do not get disturbed and it will remove the pressure of getting it done in an 80 minute lesson.


This is only a suggested timeline, so please do not hold me to these dates. Things tend to come up, they always do!

Proposed Unit 3 Course outline