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You can download the information sheet for this SAC below.
biol 3 immune resp sac 2009.doc

The timeline for the SAC is as follows.
Monday after school: 30min introduction
Tuesday P5+6: in computer room to work on SAC any way you see fit
Friday (by 5.00pm): submit file via USB to me personally

Part of your SAC requires you to show the progress you make towards the final presentation.
You will each have your own wiki page. This is also where you will upload your mp3 audio files from your presentation. That way you will effectively have audio summaries of this entire section of the course. I have posted an example on proteins that I will go over with you on Monday.biol 3 protein audio.mp3

Below your link write the topic you are going to present. Ideally, as a class, try to cover as many different areas.
ak immune SAC
dr immune SAC
dv immune SAC
eb immune SAC
gr immune SAC
ja immune SAC
tissue transplants
autoimmune diseases
Humoral Response
autoimmune diseases
Lymphatic system
tissue transplant.mp3

la immune SAC
lb immune SAC
lr immune SAC
mg immune SAC
mw immune SAC
os immune SAC
cell-mediated immunity
Humoral Response
Non -specific immunity
Antibody serums
cell-mediated immunity FINAL.mp3
(Fantastic!!) LB
Final Audio lauren.mp3

Biology Olivia.mp3
rd immune SAC
rn immune SAC
sb immune SAC
ss immune SAC
yt immune SAC

non-specific immunity
antigenic mimicry
and antigenic variation

non-specific immunity

bec biol SAC project.mp3

Any queries can be posted below.

myself and bec have written down the same topic- hope thats ok!
YT, RN and GR, either do allergies or autoimmune immune diseases, focus on one thing only to keep it simpler. VM
same topic is ok but I am glad that finally we have some variety thanks to OS and JA, woohoo. VM

Just looking at the SAC info sheet that was handed in today, and under the "possible areas to research" it says (for example) Humoral immunity OR cell-mediated immunity. above, people are writting AND. am i correct in saying we chose ONE?
MW, you need to limit yourself to one or the other, not both. VM
VM, Should we include a Bibilography, and a citation of the images we use as a concluding slide? Thanks, YT
no need for a bibliography in your presentation BUT you must cite resources on your wiki page. VM
2 things:
im not sure how to cite websites, books and course notes properly and would hate to lose marks for something silly like that so how do you do it?
and if its 5 minutes and 25ish seconds is that ok? or well you stop listening at 5 minutes?
for websites you need to post entire url, anything else needs a title, authour, publisher. you need to cite but you are not being assessed on how you cite.
5min I stop, with maybe a few seconds only leeway. VM

Yo voj, quick query. Should i mention the function the the light and heavy chains of the antibody structure, or can i simply adress the fact that they exist? i've covered the antigen binding site, the variable region, and the constant region, but do i need to go into more detail? Lb
It is up to you to decide what is important and relevant, remember you only have 5 minutes. VM