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It is now time to revise for the exam. I know it can seem overwhelming as to where to start. Below are some suggestions for you to get things in motion. It is important that you focus on the course in sections to make it more manageable.

The first thing you can and must do is go through the key knowledge from the Biology Unit 4 study design. You could write down what you know about each of the dot points or make a list of the key terminology that goes with each dot point.

Make a summary of the major sections of the course. In my mind there are 9 key areas of the course. They are:
1. Gene expression
2. Cell reproduction (including DNA replication)
3.Molecular tools and techniques
4. Patterns of inheritance
5. Pedigrees
6. Microevolution/natural selection
7. Patterns of (macro)evolution
8. Evidence for evolution
9.Human evolution

For each of the above areas, draw some labelled diagrams of any of the key concepts.

You could also take one of the trial exams and attempt the multiple choice section in 25min. Have a checklist of the dot points and tick off those points that you got a question right for. Have multiple columns so that you can do the same thing, the next time you do another multiple choice section of a trial exam. Make a note of the areas of the course you made mistakes in. Focus on developing your understanding in these areas first. Or at least make a list of specific questions that you need to ask.
Here is an example of a checklist that you might find useful.
biol 4 revision checklist.doc