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There is a wealth of excellent information available on the internet for unit 4 biology, particularly in the area of gene technology.

For some revision activities, such as flashcards visit the following links. These were created by a VCE biology teacher.

unit 4 area of study 1
unit 4 area of study 2


An absolute must for you to check this site out. I will be referring you to specific parts of the site as we move through the course.

Specific designed for VCE biol students, containing summary presentations on the topics we cover.

Without doubt one of the most comprehensive sites for you to check out on all aspects of gene technology. Videos and animations are well worth a look at.

An Australian government site that summarises all the important applications of DNA technology. Very useful.

Genetic crosses

An online interactive to test your knowledge of doing crosses and punnet squares.


PBS site has some really good info and covers the main concepts. There are interactive animations, so definitely worth a look.

Interactive with an overview of human evolution.